CAI Membership

Our CAI Membership number is

Surefix Digital Installations

Membership No: C.0409

What is the CAI?

  • The CAI is the recognised body for the aerial and satellite installation industry.
  • The CAI is a totally independent, self-regulatory organisation which has evolved Codes of Practice relating to the work areas of its membership.
  • The CAI has succeeded in setting high standards for its members to attain and, in so doing, has raised the level of competency and technical ability in the process.
  • The CAI also represents its Members to Government, Local Authorities and National Bodies on technical, regulatory, and Health and Safety issues.
  • For the consumer the CAI promises that all of its Members will provide a professional quality service using only materials and methods approved to European standards ensuring the best possible result.
  • We provide CAI members with information about developments in the television industry and enable them to obtain recognition for the quality of the work they undertake.
  • We provide information to the general public about the services offered by members of the CAI and how to locate those members.
  • We represent the members of the CAI to the rest of the television industry, national and regional government and regulators.

The CAI Consumer Promise

Benefits to the Consumer
The CAI promises that all of its Members will provide:

All members must comply with the exacting standards laid down in the CAI’s Codes of Practice, using only materials and methods approved to British and other European standards. This ensures the best possible results.

Commitment and Professionalism
CAI members only employ competent and trained personnel whose work is regularly monitored by an Inspector. Members have to demonstrate a long-term commitment to the industry and must have been trading for a minimum qualifying period. To ensure that the members are kept up to date with changes in technology and working practices, the CAI runs a comprehensive portfolio of training courses and produces regular informative publications.

Double Guarantee
All members guarantee their installations for a minimum of 12 months and, in addition, the CAI guarantees* all domestic installations for the first year. In the unlikely event that the member does not honour their guarantee in the first 12 months, contact us and we will!

In the unlikely event of you being unhappy with the standard of workmanship carried out by the installer, or indeed dissatisfied with any aspect of your installation, firstly contact our Member and then if you are still not satisfied, the CAI can help through its official complaints procedure. The CAI will fully investigate any complaint that it receives against one of its members and is empowered to impose sanctions on its Members if necessary! Provided that the problems are within the realms of the original guarantee the CAI will arrange to have the work corrected – at no extra cost to the consumer.

CAI members should carry identity cards that clearly state their name and company details together with a photograph. If you have any doubt about the validity of an installer, please ring the CAI on 01923 803030, (during normal office hours).

All CAI members have full insurance cover for any accidental damage to your property. Most importantly there is a minimum requirement of £2 million public liability insurance giving you peace of mind before the company commences any work.

*Our guarantee covers the first £500 of any one claim relating to defective workmanship, materials or installation, but does not covers any consequential damage or loss caused to persons or property.